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Welcome to Ignite School

Our goal is to know our students and to help them along their educational journey. Each staff member is dedicated to meet the needs of each student where they are and move them forward. We want all of our students to reach the highest level of success possible.

Engaging Learning Environments

At Ignite School, you will experience what an authentic American education feels like. You will see a rigorous and relevant real-world curriculum brought to life.  A curriculum that prepares our students for jobs and careers that have yet to be created in today’s technologically advanced world. Our educators are trained to address diverse learning needs and we place an emphasis on providing an individualized educational learning experience for each of our students.

Whole Child Approach

The demands of the 21st century require a new approach to education, one that fully prepares students for college, career, and citizenship. Research, practice, and common sense confirm that a whole child approach to education will develop and prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of today and tomorrow by addressing students’ comprehensive needs through the shared responsibility of students, families, schools, and communities.

Distance Learning/Flipped Classrooms

In our ever changing world the E-learning approach is becoming more popular and at times completely necessary. Our goal is to continue to provide a quality education through online teaching just the same as if the students and teacher where in the classroom together.

More in Admissions

The Ignite School community welcomes male and female students of any race, religion, color, nationality or ethnic background.
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Admission Process
Ignite School is still accepting accepting -1 to Grade 8 applications for Term 1 as well as mid-year joiners in Term 2 (6th Dec 2020) and Term 3 (11th Apr 2021).
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Admission Inquiry
Admission for 2021/22 academic year will commence from 1st November 2020. Ignite School shall be opening Grade 8. Inquiries regarding school admission
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Fee Schedule and Policy
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