The Benefits of Reading 30 Minutes a Day

The Benefits of Reading 30 Minutes a Day

Dear Ignite Families,

We miss your children and you so much. We hope everyone is keeping well and coping with the distance learning. We all have more time now so we are hoping it will give families more time to read together. The research shows that students who read for 30 minutes a day do better in school, boost their concentration levels, reduce their stress, and it even helps them to live longer. It will also expand their vocabulary, improve writing and listening skills and can be inspirational as it leads them to challenge their own thinking. If you are wondering what to read, please know that your child has access to thousands of books on Reading A-Z. They just need to log on and start reading. But, of course the 30 minutes doesn’t have to be books, it can also be reading magazines, graphic novels, online newspapers, travel brochures, recipes, and encyclopedias. Another great site that offers free e-books is:

Remember, reading 30 minutes a day has many benefits, for your children and for you.

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