STEM - a culture of innovation

Ignite School’s inquiry-based teaching and learning model provides a platform for development of creative STEM processes that weave together sustainable development, technology, analysis, logic, and innovation.

On one level, children engage in coding and design projects, exposing them to the languages and programs that are the basis of technological innovation.  However, on a deeper level through inquiry or problem-based learning, children are able to engage in multi-dimensional project work that strengthens their conceptual understanding of technology as well as its application.  For instance, Science in Ignite School is lab-based rather than textbook Science as much as possible beginning in Kindergarten.  Examples of STEM extra-curricular activities students may take part in; mad science, forensics, math, electronics, coding, robotics and phone apps.  Our STEM focus encourages children: to become resilient problem solvers and innovative thinkers; to ask questions; to use technology to solve problems; and nurture their curiosity and wonder.


The Makers’ Lab – promoting a culture of innovation

All students K-12 will utilize the two Ignite School Makers’ Labs.  The Makers’ Lab is a studio where students come to tinker, innovate, and build.  The lab is equipped with various materials and cutters, programmable microcontrollers, electronics and plenty of balsa wood, wire, tape, glue, cardboard and batteries for prototyping.  Building something with their own hands helps students understand concepts more deeply and retain that knowledge more fully than with test taking.  Tying together information from different academic disciplines also helps students understand how academic concepts from their classrooms are useful in the real world, which opens their imaginations and spurs them on to further study and innovation.

Education for sustainable development – promoting a culture of innovation

Knowledge of sustainability and its application has become an indispensable part of life in the 21st century as evidenced by the UAE Vision 2021.  Ignite School embraces an Education for Sustainable Development approach that is observed throughout the Elementary, Middle and High School phases across the breadth and depth of learning.  The sustainability framework, with its P-12 standards and indicators, will prepare young people for the shift toward a sustainable future as outlined in the UAE Vision 2021.  The sustainability framework is cross-mapped to and supplements the New York State Learning Standards.

The Ignite School sustainability units (designed around UAE sustainable practices and technologies) will be used for thematic teaching in early years, Grades 1 to 12 interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary theme weeks, problem-based learning team projects, the capstone projects, service learning, and the higher achievers, gifted students and talented students enrichment activities.