School Life

Ignite School considers happiness to be a state of well-being.  Well-being links to better engagement and advanced academic performance.  Ignite School adopts the position that students who have well-being will achieve and that all students can achieve.  Hence rather than waiting until success is achieved for students to enjoy positive emotions, the skills of happiness and positivity (social-emotional) are taught as tools that students can use to increase their chances of achieving significant outcomes.  It is expected that Ignite School students experiencing positive emotions will perceive more options when trying to solve problems, solve more non-linear problems that require insight, collaborate well and generally perform better overall.

Ignite School promotes positivity in the classroom to foster a sense of student well-being.  Feeling safe and comfortable at school and having supportive positive relationships with their teachers and their peers often creates positive feelings for students.  Social-emotional learning is combined with bullying prevention and child protection to form a cohesive foundation for happiness skills development.

We seek to instill exemplary character and life-long learning skills in our students through the School Life (well-being) program and extra-curricular activities.

Connecting achievements in well-being and academic performance in Ignite School are a number of learning to learn programs.