Reading in Character Day

Reading in Character Day

In the Arabic Language Department at Ignite School, we are constantly striving to promote a love for reading and develop students’ linguistic and creative skills. In our recent activity, we decided to embody Arabic literary characters in our classrooms, aiming to encourage students to explore the worlds of books and discover their beauty.

This activity was not merely a performance but an opportunity for students to delve deeply into Arabic literary characters, positively impacting their understanding and analysis of texts.

This activity was not only beneficial for the participating students but also had a positive impact on the rest of the class, inspiring other students to explore the world of reading and feel excited to experience something similar.

Through this activity, we emphasize the importance of using reading as a powerful educational tool that contributes to the development of students’ literary and cultural taste. We are committed to promoting a love for reading and motivating students to discover new worlds through Arabic and international literature.

Ultimately, we believe that embodying literary characters in classrooms is not just an activity but an educational experience that opens up new avenues for learning and creativity, enhancing students’ cultural and linguistic awareness.

Stay tuned for more events and activities that promote a love for reading and creative learning in our school.


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