Ramadan for Kids: Making a Good Deeds Jar

Ramadan for Kids: Making a Good Deeds Jar

Ramadan is here, and for Muslim families this is one of the most special times of the year. For the whole month, Muslims fast from dawn until dusk and take the opportunity to slow down and focus on their connection with God. For many, Ramadan is a time to reflect and to strengthen your faith, and as children are growing up it’s important to teach them the significance of this month. Here is a really nice activity you can do together as a family – make a Good Deeds Jar!

To make the Ramadan Good Deeds Jar, you take an empty glass jar and paint it with acrylic paint. Any acrylic paint should work well on glass, and you can decorate it with a crescent moon design, or any Ramadan design that you prefer. You can also paint the word Ramadan at the bottom of the jar in Arabic letters.

During Ramadan fill the jar with 30 slips of paper, each with a good deed written on it, such as giving money to charity, helping a neighbor or parent, reading or learning something from the Quran and other beneficial activities for Ramadan. You can work together with your kids to prepare the list of activities, which will be a good way for them to think of ideas to help others, and to help themselves to make the best of their Ramadan.

The children can each choose a piece of paper from the jar per day and follow through with that good deed for the day as a fun way to do something good.

You can also fill the jar with ideas for Ramadan crafts and activities, or fill it with slips of paper each with a different ayah (verse of the Quran) or hadith (saying of the Prophet) on it for the children to choose at random and read.

We hope you enjoy this fun activity as a family that expresses the importance of doing good deeds for others. Ramadan Kareem!

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