Parent partnership

The involvement of parents greatly assists children in becoming happy members of the Ignite School community.  True family involvement is not just four 15-minute parent conferences a year.  True family involvement that leads to improved student outcomes is a shared responsibility in which regular two-way communication ensures that each student is on track to meet grade level academic requirements and well-being expectations.

It is expected that faculty members will build a positive relationship between every child’s home and school.  It is an expectation that all class and subject teachers will have regular contact with each of their student’s parents.  Faculty are encouraged to communicate a positive message of reward, since the message need not always be a sanction or behavior management matter.  We encourage parents to communicate with Faculty on a regular basis.

All parents are members of the Ignite School Parents Association.  The association volunteers to organize social events, clubs and committees.  Every parent is considered a member of the association.  There are no fees for joining the association.  The association relies on the cooperation and volunteer support of parents to enrich the lives of all Ignite School children.  A core activity of the association is to promote best home learning practices with new families.  The Board of Trustees includes a member of the Ignite School Parent Association Executive Committee to strengthen the engagement of families as key stakeholders.

Parent Volunteer Requirements (submit to Director’s secretary at

  • Vaccination Card.
  • Police Clearance Certificate.

Parent Association contact details:

Mrs. Amany Mezher: Parent Association President 

Contact email:

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