Parent Loyalty Program

The highest compliment our parents can pay us is the referral of family or friends for admission to Ignite School. The trust and confidence that you place in us each and every day means a great deal. As a means of promoting continued growth in enrollment at Ignite School, and to reward existing families for their efforts in helping to promote our school, a Parent Loyalty Program will be offered for the 2020-21 school year.

At Ignite School, our vision is for all young people to experience that learning has lasting value beyond their life at school. Our goal is for each student to receive an authentic American education fostering a love for learning that creates a drive in each student to reach their highest potential.

As Ignite parents, you already share this vision and we believe that your contribution goes a long way in building a larger and better Ignite School Community. As loyal Ignite School parents your referral of the school to your family members, friends and neighbors is crucial to the success in its’ early years. Our parent community are our best advocates and the Parent Loyalty Program is our way of saying thanks for playing an active role in our success.

In order to reward you for your dedication to Ignite School, we are launching the “Parent Loyalty Program” where we reward our current parents for recommending our school to friends and family with school aged children, on successful enrollment at Ignite.

Loyalty Program Rewards

For every child that successfully enrolls at Ignite, the recommending parent will be rewarded with a 2%* discount on the annual tuition fee of one child. The discount will be applicable for one year, and will be paid after the new child has paid a full term’s fees.

*Terms and Conditions:

  1. Parents with children currently enrolled at Ignite School can participate in this program.
  2. The prospective family must be NEW to the school in Grades KG1-Grade 7; returning families are not covered by the Parent Loyalty Program.
  3. Referrals have to be made using the online application form.
  4. Referrals have to be submitted online prior to registration & admission.
  5. Rewards will be applicable for every successful enrollment and will be deducted from the referring family’s tuition fees for one child’s fees only. In case the family has more than one child enrolled at Ignite, the lower year group’s fees will be considered for rewards
  6. The maximum discount that can be granted is 10%, which is equal to 5 successful referrals.  After a parent has reached the 10% maximum you can still make referrals, but no additional discount with be offered.
  7. Multiple referrals of the same student will be rewarded on a first referral – first reward basis.
  8. Referral admissions are subject to the school admission & assessment policies & procedures.
  9. Ignite School reserves the right to withdraw this program on its own discretion without prior notice.

Details of the Parent