Merits of Studying in an American Curriculum School

Merits of Studying in an American Curriculum School

What does Ignite School bring to the UAE region? Ignite School Dubai provides an authentic American experience, with American faculty and state-of-the-art-facilities that harbors imagination through play and early exposure in Science and Creation, Performing and Visual Arts, Technology, Career and Occupational Studies, Art, Health and P.E., Entrepreneurial and Sustainability educational programs, as well as Islamic Education and Arabic Language learning experiences. At the forefront of our academic and pastoral care development programs, we provide our students with opportunities in immersing themselves in positive learning experiences that promote their growth, in what we like to call, a deep-rooted co-construction of their intuitive leadership core values.

Why New York?
Ignite School adapts the majority of its learning standards from New York State. New York is home to some of the most important libraries, universities, and research centers in the world, with some of the best-performing public schools in the United States. New York City has many internationally important universities and colleges, such as Columbia University, New York University, John Jay University, St. John’s University, City University of New York: Brooklyn College and Hunter College, etc. Ignite School is seeking American authorization through New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) Commission of International Education accreditation, and students graduating from Ignite will have a Diploma and transcript that is recognized in the US Education federal and state governments system (US Department of Education’s Accreditation and Quality Assurance webpage).

Merits of studying in an American Curriculum School, provides students with the following:
1. Worldwide recognition—American accredited schools must meet high-quality criteria, allowing them to be internationally accredited.
2. Supporting industries, training and research—opportunities for practical training related to special fields of study are vast. Most US colleges and Universities have established affiliations with employers and researchers in different areas, creating hands-on and invaluable experiences. These opportunities are not always available anywhere else in the world.
3. People and culture—America is very diverse and Americans are known to be very hospitable, friendly, kind, generous and accepting of other nationalities. People from America are funny, innovative and eager to learn and help others. Learning in an American school with American teachers will expose students to these qualities and traits.
4. Technology—regardless of what field of study your child goes into, s/he will have to use computers and other technologies in order to succeed. This maximizes their true potential and allows them to gain experience that is marketable in the real world.
5. Flexibility—Ignite School uses a system that allows students to take ownership of their learning and often accommodates students in their learning journeys, as well as their interests and strengths bridging success between their areas of development, which allows flexibility in nature. This means, very often, your child will lead their own success stories. This resembles the very essence of a true American learning journey that conforms to each student’s individual needs.
6. Campus experience—our state-of-the-art facilities gives way for students to engage in life-long memories, that will help them make friends that last a lifetime. The lessons that our teachers create promote priceless memories.
7. Global focus—we focus on global aspects of each subject, so as to better prepare our students with a worldwide perspective, expanding their view of the world around them.

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