Math Curriculum Night

Math Curriculum Night

My heart is filled with such joy tonight. We hosted our first Math Curriculum Night and the event was a huge success. Our teacher created hands-on activities, aligned with our new York State Common Core grade level standards. Families worked together to sort, graph, analyze, create, communicate, design, and solve math. It was so exciting to see parents equally as excited about the learning opportunities, as their children were. Laughter, investigations, intrigue, and collaboration filled each room. Teachers and students demonstrated for the parents…ways to make math learning fun…and the parents loved it. At Ignite School, as part of our inquiry-based approach, our students learn by doing. They are encouraged to engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate the learning materials, resources, strategies and information to which they are introduced. There was no better evidence of this in action than what was occurred during our Math Curriculum Night.


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