Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies

At Ignite school we are offering Islamic education studies to all Muslim children. The Islamic department at Ignite school delivers an outstanding, comprehensive educational program starting from kindergarten; for Arabic Speakers (Islamic A) and Islamic for Non-Arabic Speakers (Islamic B) to Muslim students by following Mainstay of education curriculum.

The curriculum addresses numerous areas of a child’s development such as; recitation Quran, Hadeeth, Duaa, Seerah, Aqeedah and Ibadah, and development of personal attitudes, developing social skills are all integrated in the Islamic Curriculum.

We also honor important annual celebrations such as; Prophet’s Birthday, Ramadan, Eid Al-Fitr, Eid Al-Adha, and Islamic New Year, using these as opportunities to link academic work with community values and activities. Outside the classroom, we make full use of the rich natural heritage around us in the UAE through trips and visits which further deepen and enrich our curriculum.

In the Islamic department, we encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning, be involved as far as possible in reviewing the way they learn, and reflect on how they learn.

The mission of Islamic Education is to pursue excellence in teaching, learning, and research in the academic study of Islam as an implementation of the vision for Muslim education and multiculturalism.


Written by Mrs. Rahma El-Said

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    Islamic studies, statistically speaking, will not earn you that fantastic career or give you the resources you need to create a decent living and care for a family.

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