Islamic Education

Ignite School believes in the importance of nurturing a religious and Islamic consciousness within our Muslim students.  Our qualified and experienced Islamic Education Faculty provides children with the opportunity to develop through 21st century pedagogy and role modelling of beliefs.  Islamic Education is framed alongside Social Studies.  Ignite School considers the Arabic Language Arts, Arabic as a New Language and Islamic Education to be distinct subjects from each other yet of equal value with other core subjects.

Grades 1 to 12 Islamic Education comply with KHDA guidelines for Arab as well as non-Arab Muslims and use the UAE MoE curriculum. The curriculum aims to provide a clear understanding of Islamic teachings, moral behavior and Islamic etiquette. Students in Elementary, Middle and High School phases will be able to share detailed information about mosques and Islamic celebrations. They will be able to provide examples of how Islamic values are integrated into the daily lives of all people in Dubai.

Teaching the Holy Qur’an is a very important focus of the Islamic Education Faculty.  The students are prepared through various programs to ensure they reach the highest levels of proficiency in reading and reciting the Quran.  Children of all levels have the opportunity to participate in Quran competitions.

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