Igniting Our Students

Igniting Our Students

The dictionary defines ignite as to catch, erupt, kindle, spark, excite, trigger.

These verbs serve as a metaphor for what a great education environment seeks to do. Daily our teachers strive to catch a student’s interest in a new topic of study, kindle their excitement in further investigation, spark confidence, trigger a connection to literature and cultures around them. The IGNITE is strong here.

We don’t teach students what to think. We teach them how to think. How to investigate and research, ask enduring questions, and examine their place in the future they are helping to shape. Using Socratic questioning urges students to formulate predictions, then examine if those predictions hold up to analysis.

The recent past has had its challenges for individuals, communities, and nations across the globe. We believe the future is bright, ignited by those who prepare, dare, spark, excite, erupt, and kindle.

Join us. You won’t regret it.




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