Igniting creativity at our Science fair

Igniting creativity at our Science fair

This week at Ignite School, students celebrated Science Week by conducting the Science Fair, where all students showcased their best work and projects to demonstrate what it means to innovate, create, and inspire others. They planned their projects in process journals, constructing models, conducting research, and crafting informative display boards. Now, as the Science Fair approaches, students eagerly anticipate the opportunity to present their projects, showcasing their depth of knowledge and imaginative thinking.


Students choice and guidance

Throughout the Science Fair, students were granted the freedom to choose from a wide range of topics spanning various branches of science. From technology and communication to robotics, and from physical and chemical sciences to earth and life sciences, students explored diverse areas of scientific inquiry. With guidance from teachers, students were supported in selecting topics and refining their project ideas, ensuring that each project reflected the students’ interests and capabilities.

Fostering excellence at Ignite school

At Ignite School, students and teachers collaborated to enhance project quality, creativity, and passion for science. Through the Science Fair, students developed critical skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication, preparing them for future competitions and successes, proudly representing Ignite School.

“Stay tuned for exciting upcoming science events and activities!”


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