Ignite Welcomes New Faculty

Ignite Welcomes New Faculty

At Ignite School everyone is busy getting the school ready and making exciting plans for the 2019-2020 school year. Ignite is beginning it’s 2nd year and we are overjoyed that our student enrollment has more than tripled from last school year. These are exciting times in the life of our school. With that being said we have added many new staff members and classroom teachers as well as the school leadership team.

One thing that sets Ignite school apart from other schools in our area is that we hire all of our classroom teachers from the United States of America. Ignite School teaches using the New York State Learning Standards as their guide. Our teachers come with a vast knowledge of teaching strategies and how to teach the learning standards from America in an engaging and real-world way. Our teachers have been trained in the USA and have experience teaching in the USA. This year we are so proud of our recruitment efforts as we have hired and brought some amazing teachers to Dubai. The teachers come with many years of experience and many have taught internationally prior to settling in to Dubai. We are very happy to welcome each of them to Dubai and to the Ignite School family.

I hope you will help make our teachers feel welcome in Dubai. For some of them the following might apply:

  • Leaving loved ones and family members back home in the USA
  • First time living in another country
  • Have just arrived days ago and trying to get settled
  • Still dealing with the effects of jetlag
  • Not used to the Dubai heat
  • Adjusting to the cultural differences

Of course other things can and do apply depending on the person and their unique situation.

However, we all want to do our part to make each person feel welcome and valued.  Here are a few simple things that you can do as a parent to help your child’s teacher:

  • Start with a smile – Nothing makes a person feel welcome quicker than seeing a smiling face.
  • Be supportive – the teacher needs you as a partner in your child’s educational journey.
  • Communicate – take the time to communicate with your child’s teacher and give them any history or updates about your child that will help their success with your child in the classroom.
  • Be flexible – the first couple of weeks the teacher will be getting to know their students and establishing routines and procedures. Don’t expect to see much homework coming home during that time.
  • Homework – speaking of homework, your child will have homework during the week. Ensuring that your child is taking care of their homework is crucial to their academic growth.
  • Tips – since some of our teachers have never lived internationally any tips or advice your can give them about living in Dubai I am sure will be greatly appreciated.

We are looking forward to a very exciting and rewarding school year partnering with each of you!

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