Ignite Middle School Principal Blog

Ignite Middle School Principal Blog

Dear Ignite Middle School Family,

Can you believe the first month of school is complete? They say time flies when you are having fun. Soon we will have a fall week long break for rejuvenating the senses. I am incredibly proud of all the feats we have accomplished as a partnership. Classroom teachers and Support Staff teachers have stretched themselves to become hybrid and distance learner teachers from afar and within their classrooms. You have given us the gift of patience and kind support. As we celebrate World Teacher Day this week, I cannot think of anything simpler a gift than a thank you to your child’s teachers. This little gift goes a long way to show appreciation and value for those we depend on to educate our young adults’ minds. 


We are entering the MAP Fall Assessment season. As many are aware, MAP is a critical piece of data that we rely on to showcase student growth, areas for celebration and areas to improve. Please be sure to talk with your child about this important assessment and encourage them to take their time, and most importantly, to do their very best. We want to see what our kids know and can do, so we can help them grow even more. 


Last time, I wrote about knowing our learners and helping our young adults begin to take ownership of their learning. From now through the beginning of November, learners will be spending time in Homeroom to create their digital learner profile. This includes information about their learning styles, their hobbies, academic interests, their mindset to achieve and grow, as well as their biography. When learners know who they are and how they learn best, we can make instructional decisions to best serve them for greater success. Our goal is that our learners are Life Ready and Literate before they graduate high school. The learner profile is a foundation to encourage exploration in to one’s identity and how they perceive themselves as a responsible citizen to own their learning and make positive choices that have lasting impact for their tomorrow. 


In our Board meeting on September 30, I had the opportunity to meet and hear from our SEND community liaison and our Parent Association President. I am further ignited to partner with both parties to broaden our scope as #1Ignte. We have also begun meeting with our PAR position teacher leaders. Their expertise and distributed leadership will further create opportunities for success and strengthen our entire Ignite Family. We are better together, and I am grateful to be walking this incredible leadership journey alongside teacher leaders and community members to support our Ignite kids and families. 


Warm regards,

Sharin L. Tebo, M.Ed.

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