High School

The 4-year program of High School* study will lead to an American style, High School diploma at the end of Grade 12.

Grade 9 – Freshman

Grade 10 – Sophomore

Grade 11 – Junior

Grade 12 – Senior

All credit-bearing courses shall address high school commencement-level learning standards and meet instructional time requirements.  A credit or a unit is 120 classroom hours of instructions per school year consisting of at least three 50-minute periods per week (except for Islamic Education).  Credit courses will be developed in course areas aligned to the New York State K-12 Learning Standards (which incorporates the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards) as well as CollegeBoard Advanced Placement (AP) examinations.  For a tentative (subject to KHDA approval) list of High School courses please contact the Admissions Office.  Some sample courses for English Language Arts to illustrate offering:

Credit: English Language Arts
Course Credit Grade
English 9 1 9
English 10 1 10
Approaches to literature: Language and communication 1 11, 12
Public speaking 0.5 9, 10, 11, 12
Graphic novels 0.5 9, 10, 11, 12
Mass media and culture 0.5 10, 11, 12
Film is literature 0.5 10, 11, 12
21st century literature 0.5 11, 12
Science fiction and fantasy 0.5 11, 12
AP English language and composition 1 11
AP English literature and composition 1 12

Subject/course areas include: English Language Arts, Spanish and French (World Language – Languages Other Than English), Mathematics, Science, Technology, Social Studies, The Arts, Career Development and Occupational Studies, Health and Physical Education.

KHDA aligned subjects offering UAE MoE curriculum: Arabic languages, Islamic Education, UAE Moral Education and UAE Social Studies.

High School higher achievers, gifted students and talented students are encouraged to complete our Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP).  To read more click here.

* School opening subject to building completion and final KHDA approval.