High School Distinguished Achievement Program

Ignite School’s Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP) requires high performance beyond that usually expected of students in High School.  In addition to specific course requirements, the DAP requires that students successfully complete any combination of four CollegeBoard Advanced Placement (AP) examinations with a score of three or above.  Ignite School students who successfully complete the DAP are very well prepared for college-level success.  The purpose of Ignite School’s DAP is to recognize students who have performed at a level beyond that expected of High School students.  Tentative AP course offerings (subject to KHDA approval):

Capstone – Seminar Computer Science A
Capstone – Research Statistics
Studio art – 2D design Biology
Studio art – drawing Chemistry
Comparative government and politics Environmental science
Macroeconomics Physics 1
Microeconomics English language and composition
Psychology English literature and composition
World history French language and culture
Calculus AB Spanish language and culture
Calculus BC

For higher achievers, gifted students and talented students seeking extra challenge, Ignite School encourages completion of the CollegeBoard AP Capstone Diploma as part of the High School DAP.  The capstone program equips students with the independent research, problem-solving, collaborative teamwork, and communication skills that are increasingly valued by higher education institutions.  It cultivates curious, independent, and collaborative learners who are critical thinkers and prepares them to make logical, evidence-based decisions.  AP Capstone Diploma eligibility: Scores of 3 or higher in; AP Capstone Seminar, AP Capstone Research and in four additional AP exams.