If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk

Today as I walked through the corridors and classrooms…a smile came upon me. I watched happy children and happy teachers as they engaged in learning experiences that students were actually enjoying.

I saw evidence that happiness is not something we arrived at by chance, rather it is something we strive for daily. The classrooms weren’t quiet either, the teachers weren’t standing at the front of the room lecturing and the students weren’t afraid to ask questions! Instead, there was conversation, discussion and questions led by both teachers and students. Students were working in small groups, with partners or independently. The teacher facilitated the learning process and environment. It was a wonderful sight to behold.

I then began to ‘read the walls’ of the school…as they can tell you a great deal about what is happening is a school. I saw walls that were supportive academically and behaviorally. Our wall tell the story of who we are as a school and what we expect from our students. I saw walls that had encouraging messages, activities and charts that remind students of those expectations. Many of which were created collaboratively between the teacher and the class.

Ignite School may be relatively new, but we are well on our way to becoming one of the best schools in the UAE…Watch and See!!!


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    I hope that you won’t stop writing such interesting articles. I’m waiting for more of your content. It’s so good that i’m going follow you!

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      Thank you so much! Ignite School appreciates your positive feedback!

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