November Newsletter 2020-2021
It is hard to believe that as October draws to a close, we will begin the final four weeks of the first term. As the term begins to wind down, we want to thank all of you for your hard work ensuring that the start of the school year has been successful for our students.
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October Newsletter 2020-2021
Welcome to October! It is hard to believe that we are already four weeks into the school year. It has been amazing to watch everyone come together to ensure that the beginning of the school year has been a huge success. Our staff and students have been spending time
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April- May Newsletter 2019-2020
Wow! What an interesting couple of months it has been. We are several weeks into Distance Learning and we have made great progress as a community. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions as we work to bring you the best education possible through distance learning.
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March Newsletter 2019-2020
February has come and gone. The school year is moving very quickly. It is important for your child to attend school every day unless they are sick or there is an emergency situation. A student's attendance rate is expected to be 96-98%.
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February Newsletter 2019-2020
It has been a very busy January and a great start to term 2. As a leadership team we are constantly striving to make Ignite School better and we are listening to our parents and other stakeholders for ideas and suggestions.
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January Newsletter 2019-2020
Welcome to 2020! it is hard to believe that we have entered a new decade. At Ignite School we have added many new staff members that I would like to make you aware of. We would like like to welcome the following staff members:
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