Emirati Program

Ignite School provides an excellent quality of education to Emirati children within a whole school approach.  Central to the approach is a culturally appropriate and relevant learning environment.  Seven key integrated components constitute the environment: admissions; using data to improve Emirati educational success; culturally responsive learning; high quality 21st century pedagogy; relevant programs and activities for Emirati children; leadership and management committed to Emirati student success; and strategic relationships with higher education providers and industry.

For Emirati children, learning their mother tongue (Arabic Language Arts) is very important since language is deeply connected to notions of culture and identity.  Moreover, Emirati students may perform better academically when their language and culture is actively recognized by the school.  At home, Emirati parents are encouraged to continue the use of Arabic through reading stories and writing emails, listening to radio and television and doing internet research in this language.  In addition to building language, it helps the child maintain social-emotional ties with the Emirati culture and society.

Each Emirati child will be guided to obtain UAE equivalency of their Ignite School High School Diploma.  All Emirati children will participate in support programs that are designed to ensure their achievement satisfies KHDA equivalency requirements (i.e., SAT Reasoning Test Math Component 400+ and TOEFL minimum scores – computer based 173+/ internet based 61+).