Elementary School

Elementary School (Grades 1 to 5)

Grades 1 through 5 of the elementary school promote basic skill development in all areas, focusing primarily on English, Math, Science, Islamic, Arabic, Social Studies, Moral Education, and Computer Science. Our educators are trained to address diverse learning needs and we place an emphasis on providing an individualized educational learning experience for each of our students. Under the guidelines of the academically rigorous New York State Common Core standards, we develop higher-level thinkers by providing opportunities to engage in learning ignited by curiosity and driven by inquiry.

We are dedicated to facilitating growth of our students both inside and outside the classroom, meaning that we address academic, social and emotional development as a team and across grade levels. While learning is a lifelong pursuit, it should also be fun! Students are encouraged and challenged to become accountable in their educational journeys and explore all that Ignite has to offer by participating in our afterschool clubs, scholarship opportunities, community presentations, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Classroom teachers offer personalized and relevant instruction in both small and large groups through a number of different formats, including Morning Meetings, collaborative projects, technology integrated lessons, and hands-on projects utilizing our science, tech, and makerspace labs. We believe that learning is a dynamic activity and strive to reflect that on a daily basis in both our lessons and our practice.

Areas of instruction are as follows:

* English language arts (ELA);

* Mathematics;

* Science and technology;

* Social studies, including geography and world history;

* World Language – Languages Other Than English (Spanish, French)

* The arts, including theatre and visual arts;

* Health and physical education; and

* Career development and occupational studies.

KHDA aligned subjects offering UAE MoE curriculum:

* Arabic languages, Islamic Education, UAE Moral Education and UAE Social Studies.



My son has been to many other schools, but he is happy here.  This is the right school for him

- Grade 5 parent

Ignite School is great.  I wish you could open all grades next year.

- Grade 5 parent

My daughter has made great friends at Ignite School.

- Grade 5 parent
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