Elementary Education – Building blocks for the future

Elementary Education – Building blocks for the future

A quality Elementary Education helps in building your child’s future by providing certain foundational skills necessary to successfully navigate middle school, high school and life beyond. Apart from academics, children are confronted with numerous opportunities to gain educational experiences that are critical for a successful future.

During the elementary years, social skills are developed. Children start to expand their relationships to people outside of family. Making friends becomes highly important, and children begin to understand that others have different views. They begin to think more abstractly to understand the needs of people who may live in various parts of the world. They may become aware of different cultures, and learn empathy for others.

Elementary students also develop routines and organizational skills. This helps children stay focused and save time, both of which are essential in efforts to prepare for further schooling and career success. They learn the importance of arriving to school daily, and on time. Commitment, dedication and timeliness are essential skills that will serve them well in all aspects of life now and in the future. Expected codes of conduct are also introduced at the elementary school level. It is very important for children to learn acceptable social norms, behaviors, and values.

Academically, an Elementary Education introduces subjects that a child will continue to revisit throughout their educational life. During the elementary years, read-alouds help children develop listening skills. Good listening skills enhance reading ability which is essential to completing tasks throughout a lifetime. Homework in elementary school reinforces and extends classroom learning and helps children practice study skills. It creates an opportunity for children to learn from their mistakes. It also helps them develop a sense of responsibility and a work ethic that will benefit them in high school and beyond. Homework completion aids children in strengthening work habits, learning the importance of ‘work before play’, and completing challenging activities before fun ones. These habits build a foundation for the teenage years and those beyond.

In Elementary School, children will discover how they best learn, which subjects are of greater interest, and those that are more challenging for them. This is often a time of new experiences, and field trips to never before visited places. It is when children are eager to learn and curious about the world; and also a time to begin envisioning their future. All of these experiences help shape who a child will become in the future.

Lastly, an Elementary Education is a time when children learn perseverance, conflict resolution, how to interact socially, and how to effectively communicate with adults and peers. It introduces a world of possibilities, and provides essential academic and non-academic foundational skills necessary for a successful future. The benefits of an Elementary Education are vast…this is the time in which students

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