Distance Learning Live Lessons – I Do, We Do, You Do

Distance Learning Live Lessons – I Do, We Do, You Do

At Ignite School, we launched “live” lessons this week with our students through the use of Alma, Google Classrooms and Google Meets. The goal of the live lessons is to keep the educational instruction of our students resembling what would take place inside the classroom.  With this approach, the classroom teacher is still able to actively teach their students while giving them feedback and assistance. Students are able to ask clarifying questions and be an active participant in the classroom.

As a school, we are using the “I Do, We Do, You Do” approach to teaching and learning. This is the teaching approach we use whether we are physically at the school building or learning through a “live” lesson on the computer.  This provides structure to the lesson and the students are familiar with it. So, the teacher presents the lesson on the topic/skill to be addressed. Then, they practice the skill together followed by the students working on the skill independently. While the students are doing the “You Do” part of the lesson, which is the independent practice, the teacher is there actively monitoring the students providing feedback and assistance as needed.

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