Director's welcome

It is our privilege and pleasure to welcome you to Ignite School. We are pleased to have you as a member of our school community. As an American School, our primary focus is on students’ learning, social and emotional wellbeing.

Our students feel happy, accepted, safe and valued. Equally, we recognize parents as integral partners in their child’s success and welcome their valuable contribution to the school community.

We have made some exciting shifts with the implementation of blended and distance learning to ensure curriculum delivery as well as continuity of student learning. Through the utilization of high-quality digital platforms and e-Learning resources, our teachers continue to focus on teaching the content with fidelity through differentiation that meets the diverse learning needs and styles of ALL students.

Quality formative and summative assessments are administered, which provides data that is utilized to make informed decisions about instruction and/or differentiation. Our focus is to identify our student needs and find the right tools to address those needs.

Research shows that social and emotional learning not only creates a healthy context for learning to take place, but it paves the way for us as educators to recognize the importance of educating the whole child.

Our teachers and leaders remain committed to a student-centered environment. Creativity, collaboration, higher order thinking, innovation and preservation of the UAE cultural heritage and values are part of daily learning practices for each student.

I am thrilled to be part of Ignite School Community and look forward to our partnership in guiding each student to realize our school vision; that learning has lasting value beyond life at school.

Wedad Saada, Director

Director Ignite school Dubai