Director's welcome

It has always been my belief there are three key factors for a child to reach his or her fullest learning potential; the teacher, the student and the parents. With Ignites’ intentional focus on the social and emotional development of children, experienced American teaching staff and a clear focus on the Emirati culture, I believe each and every student who enters through our doors can and will achieve at the highest level.

We aim to develop and nurture well-rounded students. Our vision is for all young people to experience a foundation of learning that has lasting relevance beyond their life at school. Our leadership and teaching teams are skilled and experienced professionals working collaboratively to share both American, Arabic and National Learning Goals and Objectives.

In this spirit, Ignite will continue to enrich the communities and families we serve. We will strive to create healthy, exciting, real-world learning experiences for students and families in the UAE. I want to welcome you to Ignite School family.

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Scott Poloff, Director