Connecting well-being and academics

Connecting achievements in well-being and academic performance in Ignite School are a number of learning to learn programs.

Social-emotional [well-being] learning

The Second Step suite enables Ignite School to create and sustain safe, supportive learning environments.  The integrated framework effectively combines social-emotional [well-being] learning with bullying prevention and child protection to form a cohesive foundation for whole school success while preparing each child for the future.  Second step aligns to common core state standards and the Ignite School response to intervention program.

Developing a healthy food choice mindset

Ignite School will follow the ‘Myplate’ model for making healthy food choices.  Myplate resources will be integrated into the curriculum of the Elementary, Middle and High School phases.  Myplate artefacts will be displayed throughout the campus.

Entrepreneurship education – promoting a culture of innovation

Ignite School in line with the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda Competitive Knowledge Economy encourages entrepreneurship to foster generations endowed with leadership, creativity, responsibility and ambition.  The Ignite School K-12 entrepreneurship education program largely focuses on developing students’ business skills, generating new ideas, understanding risk and reward relationships and better money management.

Apart from entrepreneurial topics in the subjects of business studies, economics, social studies there are also opportunities for project-based learning with teachers planning integrated units as well as cross-curricular linked interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary (thematic) units of work.  Entrepreneurship activities are also offered within the extra-curricular activities program.  The program commences in Kindergarten.