Board of Trustees

The Ignite School Board of Trustees has a fiduciary, generative and strategic responsibility to set direction, allocate resources, control risk, co-create value and monitor performance as well as service quality.  The Board hold the school, its vision, mission, value proposition, and its future “in trust”.

The Board is representative of the school community and the context in which it operates.  The Board consists of 7 people.

  • Chair
  • Vice-chair
  • Director trustee
  • Parent trustee (Parent Liaison Coordinator )
  • Inclusive education trustee
  • Community trustee
  • Staff trustee

Student leadership are invited to attend part of a Board meeting twice per year.  Student Trustees (without voting rights) are encouraged to represent the voice of the student body on important issues.

Typically, in quarterly meetings the Board will hear School KPI reports from the Director, committees’ members who will discuss any issues of relevance, and make decisions in accordance with the goals that the Board has set itself.  A large portion of the Board’s work is executed in, through, or with the support of various committees.  The Board empowers the Director to lead the day-to-day operations of Ignite School.