Happy 47th National Day!

Happy 47th National Day!

It’s hard to believe that this incredible nation is 47 years young. Would you believe that there are places in the United States that have been around for centuries and still are not as developed as the UAE? When I look at the UAE, I see incredible architecture, economic development and innovation around every corner. However, what I see most…is the people. The people who have joined together as one community, to create this safe, vibrant and diverse society are the foundation for developmental success. The Rulers, the country’s leadership, the Emirati people and the country’s expats all contribute to this great nation. This is especially evident in the Al Warqa’a community, which has embraced our school with open and loving arms. Our parents and neighbors are the kindest human beings on the planet. I am constantly in awe of their generosity and willingness to help the students and staff of Ignite School. Word cannot express my joy and gratitude for the wonderful people of the UAE who have added tremendous value to the lives and experiences of our school community. I am so proud to call the UAE my new home…Happy 47th National Day!

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