Arabic Language

For Arab students, learning their mother tongue (Arabic Language Arts) is very important since language is deeply connected to notions of culture and identity. Arab students may perform better academically when their language and culture is actively recognized by the school. At home, Arab parents are encouraged to continue the use of Arabic through reading stories and writing emails, listening to radio and television and doing internet research in this language. In addition to building language, it helps the child maintain social-emotional ties with Arab culture and society.

Arabic language offerings in Ignite School include Arabic Language Arts for mother tongue (native) students and Arabic as a New Language for Arabic language learners (non-native speakers).  Grades 1 to 12 Arabic languages comply with KHDA guidelines and use the UAE MoE curriculum.  All Arabic speaking students will undertake Arabic Language Arts.

From KG-1 to Grade 12 the Arabic Faculty focus on the child’s acquisition of accurate Arabic Language through the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Our qualified and experienced Arabic Faculty provide all children with high quality learning experiences supported by 21st century pedagogy.  Our talented Arabic Faculty ensure that high standards of Arabic language are achieved by following the UAE MoE curriculum and that students are developing 21st century skills

Equivalency of Arabic languages with other key subjects

– Arabic Language Arts for mother tongue learners [Arabic A, native] is framed within Language Arts alongside English Language Arts.

– Arabic as a New Language for Arabic Language Learners [Arabic B, non-native] is framed within World Language – Languages Other Than English, alongside Spanish and French.

Ignite School considers the Arabic Language Arts, Arabic as a New Language and Islamic Education to be distinct subjects from each other yet of equal value with other core subjects.

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