Arabic language curriculum

Grades 1 to 12 Arabic languages comply with KHDA guidelines and use the UAE MoE curriculum. The Arabic Faculty led by the Department Chair for each phase undertake curriculum design. Curriculum design in Ignite School is the building of Arabic language courses that: embody the school’s strategies for learning and teaching (i.e., constructivist approaches among others); articulate the UAE MoE curriculum learning outcomes (i.e., performance standards and indicators) for Arabic; and describe how the planned learning environment (KHDA guidelines – UAE inspection framework) will support each student to achieve those learning outcomes.

The UAE MoE Arabic curriculum development shifted some time ago from the behavioral to the constructivist approach and this influences the school’s curriculum design. The behavioral approach relied on the behavior of the student with a learning process based on associations between stimuli and responses through a largely didactic model (perhaps focusing on grammar rather than skills). Underpinning the constructivist MoE Arabic curriculum is the vision that the teacher and student are two active parties in the educational process. It relies on a well-informed and highly competent teacher that is fully aware of the latest developments and ideas in the field of teaching languages, and that is keen to develop his/her potential and teaching methods.

Arabic language curriculum design, particularly of Arabic Language Arts courses for mother tongue learners, will take into consideration the importance of Arabic language in the student’s intellectual, cultural and practical life; being the students’ gate into the world, their tool for thought and communication, their cultural foundation, and the cornerstone of their identity.

In addition to KHDA materials and the UAE MoE curriculum, Ignite School utilizes a range of digital and print resources. Digital material includes interactive whiteboard applications as well as other items.

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