American Curriculum School in Al Warqaa

American Curriculum School in Al Warqaa

US Curriculum is based on American Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, Math, History/Geography/Social Sciences, and Next Generation Science Standards for Science. This gives schools more creative freedom to tailor the curriculum based on individual needs of students enrolled in the schools. Students are also supported by a huge range of co-curricular activities that ensure they have the opportunity to develop fully as individuals. Some of these activities include; sports, the arts, philanthropic and student-government opportunities. Personalized instruction is geared towards inquiry-based, hands-on teaching methods, and world class learning strategies. The curriculum is flexible, and if a student struggles with certain subjects, there is always the opportunity to revisit them until they have mastered the basics.

US Curriculum Schools run a standards-based system where importance is also given to the personal development of each child, so that subjects that have not been mastered, can be repeated. There are no mastery exams for students to take at the end of the year.  While students do take End of the Year Assessments, the curriculum is focused on constant assessment throughout the year instead of one final “be all” exam.

US based Curricula also provides a consistent, continuous, holistic approach to learning. Students are encouraged to study a broad range of subjects and the curriculum is less geared towards in-depth study. So, if you aren’t sure what you want to do and need to keep your options wide open, you’ll want to go for the US Curriculum School. There is no standardized core curriculum monitoring. Many believe that the American curriculum provides the framework for us to develop well-rounded global citizens.

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