Admission Process

Ignite School is still accepting Kindergarten 1 to Grade 8 applications for the 2021-2022 academic year.  Limited seats still available.

Inquiries regarding school admissions can be made via the adjacent Admission Inquiry Form.  You may also contact the Admissions Office directly:

Tel: +971 4 2110705
Mobile : +971 50 891 5900

Please check our website for future announcements advising when High School admission.

Kindergarten-1, Kindergarten-2 and Grade 1 admission

Children are assessed and observed in groups of at least three students.  Five main criteria are considered for successful entrance.  Children must be age appropriate for their grade; be able to separate from their caregiver and demonstrate a readiness to participate in the classroom; be bathroom independent; be able to engage in an activity following verbal or non-verbal direction; and be able to demonstrate fine and gross motor skill development at age appropriate level.

Grade 2 to 12 admissions

Applications for Grade 2 to 12 are to include a transcript (school report) for the most recent completed grade.  Students should have a passing level of achievement.  Students and parents will be invited to discuss their application with the Director and Admissions Officer.

2021-2022 Admission Availability

Grade status
KG 1 Open
KG 2 Open
Grade 1 Open
Grade 2 Limited
Grade 3 Limited
Grade 4 Open
Grade 5 Limited
Grade 6 Open
Grade 7 Open
Grade 8 Open

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Admissions Process
Ignite School presently accepts KG-1 to Grade 8 applications for the 2021-2022 academic year.
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