2021/2022 Fee Schedule and Fee Policy

Tuition Fee (AED) Schedule for 2021-2022
Phase Grade Annual Tuition fees
Term 1
Tuition Fees (AED)
Term 2
Tuition Fees
Term 3
Tuition Fees
Sep – Dec Jan – Mar Apr – Jun
Elementary School KG 1 29,000 11,600 8,700 8,700
KG 2 29,000 11,600 8,700 8,700
Grade 1 33,000 13,200 9,900 9,900
Grade 2 34,000 13,600 10,200 10,200
Grade 3 35,000 14,000 10,500 10,500
Grade 4 36,000 14,400 10,800 10,800
Grade 5 37,000 14,800 11,100 11,100
Middle School Grade 6 38,000 15,200 11,400 11,400
Grade 7 39,000 15,600 11,700 11,700
Grade 8 Grade 8 40,000 16,000 12,000 12,000
Grade 9 Grade 9 41,000 16,400 12,300 12,300
Grade 10 Grade 10 42,000 16,800 12,600 12,600
Grade 11 Grade 11 43,000 17,200 12,900 12,900
Grade 12 Grade 12 44,000 17,600 13,200 13,200

Payment modes available

  1. Cash – to cashier at school.
  2. Check – checks are to be prepared in favor of IGNITE SCHOOL LLC
  3. POS Credit Card Machine
  4. Bank transfer:Ignite School LLC
    Bank Name: Emirates NBD
    A/c Number 1015432474902
    IBAN no. AE170260001015432474902  Swift Code: EBILAEAD
    Branch: Emirates Tower
  5. Emirates NBD Credit Card Offer for Ignite School Parents
  6. Skiply Mobile App (using Debit or Credit Card)

School Fees Terms and conditions:                    

  1. The Tuition Fees for each Term must be paid on or before the commencement of each Term.
  2. Student(s) are not allowed to start school unless full fees are accounted for with post-dated checks (PDCs), regardless of mode of payment selected.
  3. If mode of payment selected is other than the checks, term wise PDCs are still to be submitted as security PDCs against the mode of payment selected.
  4. Only term wise PDCs are acceptable with due dates, single PDC for full fees is not acceptable.
  5. The school will not accept responsibility for any returned check. Please keep a record of your checks issued and make sure that the amount of the check is covered by your account balance.
  6. Parents must inform the Accounts Office one week in advance for replacement of the check(s).
  7. Checks are subject to realization, in case of a check being returned by the bank for any reason, the fees will be remained outstanding in student’s records and to be paid immediately.
  8. In the case if a check is returned by the bank for any reason, AED 250 will be charged and only cash will be accepted in replacement of the returned check.
  9. Fees to be by third party – if not paid on the due date, the amount will be required from the Parents and will be refunded once received from third party.
  10. If a student is not being registered on KHDA portal due to lack of documents the receipt will be redundant with immediate effect and the enrollment will be on hold too.
  11. In the case of student leaving the school during the academic year, a refund will be calculated according to the KHDA guidelines.
  12. For more details, please refer to the 2021/22 Fee Schedule and Fee Policy.

 New Admission Fee and Admission Assessment Fee

New Admission Fee [non-refundable, non-transferable and non-deductible] 1,000 AED
Admission Assessment Fee [non-refundable, non-transferable and non-deductible] 500 AED

Knowledge Health and Development Authority (KHDA) Services Fees:

Request for student Education Continuation Certificate for visa renewal 120 AED
Request for student Leaving Certificate 120 AED
Request for change of Student’s details in the relevant system of the KHDA 120 AED
Request for a No-objection Certificate or ‘To Whom It May Concern Certificate’ in respect of any matter related to a Student 120 AED
Request for attestation of a Student’s Academic Certificate or transcript 120 AED
Request for issuing equivalency of an Academic Certificate 120 AED

Ignite School’s fees are set in compliance with the rules set by the Knowledge Health and Development Authority (KHDA) and may change, as permitted by the KHDA.

Additional charges – compulsory (from external providers)

  1. School uniforms and PE kits are compulsory and will have to be purchased from an external provider.
  2. Student stationery and may be purchased from any external provider.
  3. Student bus transportation is optional and is outsourced to an external provider

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