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Director's Welcome

Director Ignite school Dubai
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It is our privilege and pleasure to welcome you to Ignite School. We are pleased to have you as a member of our school community. As an American School, our primary focus is on students’ learning, social and emotional wellbeing.

Our students feel happy, accepted, safe and valued. Equally, we recognize parents as integral partners in their child’s success and welcome their valuable contribution to the school community.

We have made some exciting shifts with the implementation of blended and distance learning to ensure curriculum delivery as well as continuity of student learning. Through the utilization of high-quality digital platforms and e-Learning resources, our teachers continue to focus on teaching the content with fidelity through differentiation that meets the diverse learning needs and styles of ALL students.

Quality formative and summative assessments are administered, which provides data that is utilized to make informed decisions about instruction and/or differentiation. Our focus is to identify our student needs and find the right tools to address those needs.

Research shows that social and emotional learning not only creates a healthy context for learning to take place, but it paves the way for us as educators to recognize the importance of educating the whole child.

Our teachers and leaders remain committed to a student-centered environment. Creativity, collaboration, higher order thinking, innovation and preservation of the UAE cultural heritage and values are part of daily learning practices for each student.

I am thrilled to be part of Ignite School Community and look forward to our partnership in guiding each student to realize our school vision; that learning has lasting value beyond life at school.

Wedad Saada

Open Day & Consultation Opportunities

School Highlights

Gulf News Event

We are thrilled to share the outcome of our participation at the event! Ignite School had the opportunity to showcase our strengths, including our comprehensive academic programs, experienced faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and holistic approach to education. As exhibitors, we aimed to provide attendees with valuable insights into what sets us apart and how we can support their educational journey. Additionally, we highlighted our commitment to integrating advanced technology into teaching and learning, enhancing student engagement and outcomes.
In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, it’s crucial for institutions to offer a comprehensive approach to learning that nurtures students from their earliest years through to adolescence. At Ignite School, we take pride in providing just that – a seamless educational journey from KG1 through Grade 10. Our transformative educational experience fosters curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills from the moment a child enters our doors in KG1. With a dedicated faculty, nurturing environments, and rigorous academic challenges, we ensure that students receive a robust foundation in core subjects while exploring their interests through extracurricular activities and enrichment programs.
At the heart of our educational approach is a commitment to holistic development. We place a strong emphasis on character building, social-emotional learning, and the development of essential life skills. Through experiential learning opportunities, service projects, and leadership initiatives, students cultivate qualities that will serve them well beyond the classroom.

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Khaleej Times Article

Lighting the Path to Success

The educational excellence of Ignite School is due to its immersive American curriculum, led by experienced native English-speaking teachers. Ignite not only provides learning space but also creates a dynamic community that takes students on emendations in their early education.

At Ignite, the team believes that education is not only about making academic progress but also about acquiring life skills and developing one’s personality. The school follow a rigorous American educational model, offering comprehensive education in core subjects and enriching extracurricular activities for students to explore their interests.

The philosophy emphasizes the importance of holistic growth. Students are equipped with the necessary qualities to excel academically and lead productive lives, including empathy, resilience, and responsibility. Through service projects and hands-on learning, students develop a strong sense of purpose and responsibility to serve their communities.

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Furthermore, we remain dedicated to staying at the forefront of educational innovation by integrating advanced technology into our teaching practices. From interactive SMART boards to immersive virtual reality experiences, we leverage technology to enhance student engagement, collaboration, and learning outcomes.
Our participation at the event also allowed us to announce exclusive promotions for visitors, including discounted tuition rates, early enrollment incentives, and other special offers. We are excited to engage with attendees and contribute to the success of future events.
Thank you for the opportunity to showcase Ignite School’s strengths, and we look forward to continuing our journey of empowerment and discovery with families as we shape the future leaders of tomorrow

Why Ignite school 

Ignite School is an excellent option for families seeking an authentic American Educational experience. Our vision is for all young people to experience that learning has lasting value beyond their life at school.

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American Curriculum at your doorstep

“The school offers a plethora of social, cultural and educational activities for the overall development of the child”

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Summer Camp and Kindergarten Kickstart


Early Learning Center
Our Early Learning Program takes a student centered inquiry based approach. Students are encouraged to learn through both play and formal learning activities.
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Elementary school
Grades 1 through 5 of the Ignite Elementary-School promote basic skill development in all subject areas. Learning brings rewards throughout life.
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Middle School
Our curriculum for grades 6 through 8 helps create an environment that enables all children to be successful and innovative in their own way.
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High School
For a tentative list of High School, grades 9 through 12, courses contact the Admissions Office. Offered some sample courses for students.
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Arabic Language
For Arab students, learning their mother tongue (Arabic Language Arts) is very important since language is deeply connected to culture.
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Emirati Children Program
Each Emirati child will be guided to obtain UAE equivalency of their Ignite High School Diploma. Our children will participate in support programs.
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Islamic Education
Ignite School believes in the importance of nurturing a religious and Islamic consciousness within our Muslim students. It is framed Social Studies.
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Our Campus

  • Indoor and outdoor learning spaces
  • Swimming pool (with changing rooms).
  • Shaded multipurpose hard court sports.
  • Artificial grass 5-a-side football field.
  • Dedicated outdoor play areas for ELC and Elementary School.
  • Indoor multipurpose sports hall/auditorium.
  • Grass areas with seating for social activities.
  • ELC indoor playroom, English Language Learner centers (3) and Learning support centers (3).
Based on 117 reviews
Valentine Averyanov
Valentine Averyanov
28. February, 2024.
School is good, my daughter loves it.
funny kids
funny kids
22. February, 2024.
"I'm happy with Ignite. The staff and teachers are very helpful, especially the administrator, Ms. Donna, who is easy to communicate with. The teachers are supportive and helpful to the students."
Abu Rashid
Abu Rashid
16. February, 2024.
Excellent school teaches the American curriculum by american professional staff. Administration, staff, facilities are all well prepared. I'm really appreciative to thos school. Thank you Ignite School
emad mohamed
emad mohamed
15. February, 2024.
I am glad that my kids go to ignite school. The teaching staff are amazing, Mrs. Widad is a great personality and helps us with all the details. Ms. Marina also is such a wonderful teacher.
miss hekmat
miss hekmat
14. February, 2024.
This year the school has greatly improved especially in the Arabic and islamic departments and because of this improvement especially in the Islamic department the children are taking care of their prayers in a great manner
moath Shaker
moath Shaker
14. February, 2024.
Excellent school with an amazing staff , my kids are safe in there

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